Monday, November 22, 2010

"TSA Agents Took My Son"

Agent to protesting mother: "You need to adjust your attitude and do as you are told." (Update: perhaps fabricated. Not cool.)


  1. I'm a former TSA worker -I have actually helped lost people -translated using my broken spanish to help people out -in short one of the good ones. ANY TIME you want an insiders perspective on the TSA I would like to be THAT GUY. I am not out for revenge I will not name names or divulge anything I am not supposed to -mainly I want to enlighten people as to what it's like on the other side, how to lodge an effective compliant, how to get through without a hassle and finally to garner some support and publicize the fact that TSA workers are poorly treated in a job that has the highest turnover and injury rate than any other federal agency.

  2. This story ended up being pretty thoroughly discredited...