Monday, November 22, 2010

Obama takes hard line defending TSA

David Freddoso:

Latest word from President Obama:
At this point, the Transportation Security Administration, in consultation with our counter-terrorism experts, have indicated to me that the procedures that they've been putting in place are the only ones right now that they consider to be effective against the kind of threat that we saw in the Christmas Day bombing.
How about actually adding terrorists' names to the terror watch list when their activities are reported? That would have prevented last year's Christmas Day bombing. And it seems much more "effective" than molesting all of us and our children.
If Obama wants to go down with the TSA ship, the new Republican House should make him. It's time for reform -- let him veto it and pay the price.
Freddoso also has video of Ron Paul: "We have been too submissive." Read the whole thing.

Separately, let's not call it the "Christmas Day bombing." Even with all the failures, it was a success: metal detectors, no-fly-lists, and bars to terrorist funding and immigration forced al Qaeda to resort to kluged underwear bombs that didn't work and were carried by not very intelligent people who had to be willing to set fire to their crotch. It was the "Christmas Day attempted bombing," and passengers stopped it—and nude screenings and gate rape wouldn't have.

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