Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blog on hiatus

I stopped blogging on the subject when I realized that even my friends who blogged on the topic were getting their TSA abuse information from other sources. So, really, no incentive to put in the work if this isn't going to succeed as the one-stop shop for TSA abuse news: I'll stay focused on class action abuse.

I'm happy to turn over the keys to someone else interested in picking up on the issue. Let me know.

For now, two last tidbits: Six-year-old girl groped by TSA.

TSA admits that they punish those who complain by singling them out for additional scrutiny. They justify this abuse by claiming it's just "profiling," though terrorists more typically try to avoid scrutiny. And heaven forfend TSA engage in profiling that is actually meaningful.

I've been through airport security twenty times since my last post, and was able to time my trip through security nineteen of those times to avoid the Rapiscans (either because the Rapiscans were closed, or were not at every line and one could simply stand on the line without the Rapiscan—which makes sense, anyway, because those lines are invariably faster), and opted out the twentieth time. The opt-out grope ended up being more perfunctory than usual because the TSA official was so embarrassed when he accidentally yanked down my unbelted suit pants, which, due to recent weight loss, need the belt to stay up.